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iPhone® App for all themes ​- No text typing required!

With this application you can take up per microphone the important questions and answers for the coming exams and store it in appropriate topic name. The questions and answers can displayed in random order by text and by voice played back, similar to a modern, digital recorder. You can also start an automatic query - or undergo a test under time pressure.

The program includes an export function as a highlight for the learning topics. This export function is really primarily for the teacher, the class leader or involved parents. These people can formulate an examination tasks in questions and answers and then load by exporting to our server.

All classmates who have access to such a mobile-device may have then download this free app with these issues, and get with the three functions described below to study.


Look at this YouTube video:

Price: "Easy Learning" 3,99 Dollar - get it here

The three functions are the key capabilities of "Easy Learning":

iPhone vocabulary


With the "LISTEN" the questions and answers are displayed in random order by text and by voice played back, similar to a modern, digital recorder.

Since no operation is required, this function is to learn by listening (with a headset) on many occasions:

On the sun in the beach, while relaxing on the couch, while jogging, biking, train, bus, also ideal when driving a car - possibly over Bluetooth or using a small FM tuner on the car radio.

Learn undisturbed - topic to topic.

iPhone vocabulary


With "EXERCISE" also the questions and answers are displayed in random order via text and played simultaneously by voice, but here you have the opportunity to reflect on the question.

Only by clicking anywhere on the screen the answer will be announced. With another click, the next question displayed.

This function is ideal to have systematically query around. You will increase your learning successes hereby considerably.

This function can also be used with knowledge tests as a party game for entertainment. For that, the mobile-device to a music docking station can be connected.


For all three functions to operate no eye contact with the device is necessary since been converted to the necessary clicks the entire screen to a big switch. For the microphone recording the in-ear-headset is perfectly adequate.

Examples of applications:

End the test anxiety !

iPhone vocabulary

This app allows you finally to include all possible exam questions and answers with a microphone, and store together with or without text at an appropriate topic name..

Each of these issues - be it biology, French, math, foreign words, physics, medicine, etc. - you can then use within "Easy Learning" either with the functions of "LISTEN ", "EXERCISE" and "TEST". Since your device always with you, it is possible to use these functions at any time and any place.

You can for example learn just by listening - "Easy Learning" plays to the questions and answers by voice output. You can also leave it up query always and everywhere. It is also possible to undergo an examination under time pressure, at which they are measured at the end even in the form of a rating.

Conclusion: If you go without fear to test, then convince yourself of "Easy Learning", you will be surprised how quickly you master your lessons. ... get it here

Learning vocabulary - no problem !

iPhone vocabulary

Who has not experienced? Cover the left side, then cover the right side, because nobody has time for me to ask my vocabulary.

But these worries you have now no more, for "Easy Learning" ask you, when and wherever you want. And either by voice through the headset. If desired, you are also examined and evaluated.

You can also place your phone under the pillow for hours and learn by listening. Necessary is that you take your vocabulary in a question and answer within this app via microphone and save with or without text under a suitable topic name - or get the download function already existing vocabulary topics from our server, for free.

Conclusion: So now you want to learn vocabulary independently, then you convince yourself of "Easy Learning", you will be amazed by your own success. ... get it here

In general education suddenly fit !

iPhone vocabulary

If you want to expand your knowledge with ease, then you have to "Easy Learning" a remarkable tool.

The program feature "Topic Download" you might suddenly a huge amount of knowledge in the form of questions and answers for free (now over 10000). All these questions and answers were other "Easy Learning" users recorded by microphone and saved with text under appropriate topic name.

Fully all topics you can use for free for LISTEN, EXERCISE, and TEST - as above.

Conclusion: If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in a fun, entertaining way - then you can still be inspired by "Easy Learning". ... get it here

Incredible - finally my child likes to study !

iPhone vocabulary

With this app you can participate in a significant improvement of learning methods. Who has enough time to ask his children are constantly on the current subject matter, in all the subjects which they are able to?

With the App "Easy Learning" a program was created in which either the teacher or a dedicated parent, or the class leader or any other good student formulates the contents of a session or the course material on the forthcoming examination in questions and answers, then picks up by the microphone and together stores with text at an appropriate topic name.

By clicking then this topic will be exported to the server from "Easy Learning". All students now have free access to this issue and can it use with the functions "LISTEN ", "EXERCISE" and "TEST".

Conclusion: Want to see how your child learns excited, then convince yourself of "Easy Learning", you will be amazed by the positive results. ... get it here

Always top FIT in the study !

iPhone vocabulary

If you're always well prepared for the lectures, then you avoid stress, which otherwise surely come up to you.

Who daily put the course material always within "Easy Learning" in questions and answers, the fact alone has already met the best preparations for the next lecture.

If you're using before the tests started with the listening functions, queries and checking (on the beach or on the couch, or in train, bus, car), then you have used your studies with the highest efficiency. In addition, you also have in later semesters, each time more convenient access to the stored knowledge.

Conclusion: Anyone who wants to enjoy his studies effectively and with minimum time that should deal with SleepandLeearn. ... get it here

MENTAL Fitness again how maNY YEARS BEFORE !

iPhone vocabulary

Once you realize that your memory declines, you must respond immediately.

Because if you tell your head every day just the same - expect long boring daily routine, your brain switches back more and more. But our brains need a challenge, an exercise - just like our bodies. And that is what was developed "Easy Learning".

In this program you will be a huge potential for interesting topics for an effective memory training provided free of charge. Thousands of questions and answers were recorded by microphone. With the functions "LISTEN" and "EXERCISE " you will renew your mind about - having fun"!

Conclusion: If you instead more frequent blackouts, will find its way back to the past performance of your memory, you should now use "Easy Learning". ... get it here